The Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) as a representative information system has been established by the European Commission (EC) for the analysis of the incomes and economic activities of agricultural farms. The Hungarian FADN meets the reqeirments of the EC as well as the information needs of domestic users. The Hungarian FADN system consists of ca. 1900 individual and corporate farms based on business records in their book-keeping.

The Hungarian FADN applies accrual-based accounting method regardless of the legal status (corporate or individual farm) - it means that also individual farms have a calculated balance sheet and profit and loss statement. The Hungarian FADN represents more than 106 thousand agricultural holdings over 4000 Standard Output. The Hungarian FADN consists besides the farm level data also the profit and loss account of various enterprises (crop production, animal husbandry and horticulture).

AKI examines and regularly presents cost, price, support and income data for certain products and sectors, the expected changes in these movements, and earnings and income ratios. This requires sector-level data collection and processing from the FADN, and also product- level collection and processing of data from food processors. Each year AKI draws up the standard gross margin values and calculates the coefficients of Hungarian farms according to the EU’s newly introduced standard output categories, as required by Eurostat.

Using its own database and data received from others, AKI provides sectoral- and product-level cost and income data, and performs back ground calculations in support of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the Institute’s own research programmes.

Key publication

An annual report of the key FADN data sets is published in Hungarian and English.

A booklet describing the cost and income situation of the major Hungarian agricultural products is published annually in Hungarian with an English summary.