The Institute of Agricultural Economics Nonprofit Kft. (AKI) is a private scientific institute supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. Building on the rich heritage of its predecessor, the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, established in 1954, AKI continues as a research and knowledge centre with the most extensive agricultural economics databases and the most significant policy expertise in Hungary, performing both public duties and state functions. One of the principal tasks of the Institute is to develop recommendations for agricultural and rural policy decision-makers. These recommendations are based on the results of research applying state-of-the-art methods and focusing especially on the implementation and the execution of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy.

As a leader in the digitalisation process of Hungarian agriculture, AKI operates and is engaged in the further development of EU and national agricultural information systems of outstanding importance, i.e., the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN), the Market Price Information System (MPIS), and the Agricultural Statistical Information System (ASIS). By the extensive collection and processing of data, policy analysis and decision support, AKI provides valuable assistance for progressing agriculture and strengthening rural livelihoods.

The careful maintenance of the right balance between expertise services, domestic and international scientific research, and policy decision support is of key importance for AKI. The cooperation with professional organizations and the active professional involvement are well-integrated into the daily operations of the Institute. To retain a close relationship with the agricultural community, AKI regularly publishes new information and the results of its research projects in a comprehensible and appropriate form.

AKI has been developing its services according to the principles of promptness, targeting, transparency, and design. The Institute is keeping pace with the development of research methods, and with the changes in legislation affecting the provision of its services. AKI has been and will remain a bridge between research, policy making, and market participants.