Szabolcs Vágó

Director’s Advisor
Directorate of Operations

Short bio

During his leader positions for nearly ten years in the field of statistics, Szabolcs Vágó has learned every aspect of this profession. As he worked for a smaller organisation, he had overall responsibility for statistical activity. His education gave him a stable ground, but above that, he attended several Eurostat high-level courses and learned many more during his work. His task was not only operating a statistical system (10 experts, 16 official surveys, 66 publications per year), but to reorganize the statistical activity within the Research Institute for Agricultural Economics (Official member of the European Statistical System), to design and lead the development of a new statistical information system (cost 1,6 million EUR), and to make the statistical activity to meet every Eurostat quality requirements. Besides this, he was a researcher also, analysed agricultural policy, and led several research projects in the field of agriculture and food industry, with numerous scientific and informational publications. In the last ten years, he became active in international capacity building projects related to Agricultural Information Systems and Data Management (EuropeAID, Twinning, FAO and others in Kosovo, Turkey, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Montenegro), which gave him an even wider view of the statistical issues, concepts, and solutions. He has been responsible for statistical audits (Eurostat Peer Review, National Audit Office, Hungarian Central Statistical Office) which gave him an even deeper understanding of national and international requirements.