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We, the EUREKA project team are working on building a Europe-wide Agricultural Knowledge Reservoir ensuring easy access to relevant, up-to-date information to all those working in the in the farming and forestry sectors. The main goal is to promote knowledge sharing and communication that will stimulate agricultural innovation across Europe. To make this online Knowledge Reservoir relevant and useful to the end users, we are conducting a survey to help us better understand their needs and preferences when searching for relevant information.

What’s up for the next decade?

The Research Institute of Agricultural Econoics, Ministry of Agriculture and Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, as Hungaraian organizers of the Outlook 2018 Conference (held 15-16 May, 2018 at Herceghalom), with the supporting contribution of the experts of the AGMEMOD Consortium and the European Commission, aimed at discussing the medium-term agri-food market trends, and at introducing the innovations offered by the compound feed industry to enhance environmental sustainability.

Agricultural Market Outlook for Central and Eastern Europe

The Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (AKI), in cooperation with the AGMEMOD Consortium and supported by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture organizes its upcoming international Outlook Conference, entitled Agricultural Market Outlook for Central and Eastern Europe - Trends in Agri-Food Markets Over the Next Decade, and Challenges and Solutions from the Perspective of Compound Feed Production.