AKI carries out regular and ad hoc quantitative and qualitative surveys to identify and forecast economic, social and spatial processes, to analyse the expected results of planned interventions and the responses to services to be provided, furthermore, to gain a proper understanding of needs, demands, attitudes, opinions of certain societal groups (e.g., farmers, consumers, rural population, VET [vocational education and training] learners). AKI offers research consultancy services in the field of:

  • Surveys supporting decision-making, attitude tests;
  • Focus groups to obtain insight (offline and online focus groups based on personal meeting);
  • Delphi-method;
  • Other qualitative research (e.g., in-depth-interviews, ethnographic interviews, field research);
  • Econometric modelling;
  • Displaying geospatial data;
  • Building databases;
  • Organizing professional workshops.

Market research services are provided by colleagues of AKI with economic, mathematical, sociological, statistical, geolocation expertise, a wide range of practical experiences and with strong foreign language competencies.


Sustainability Research Directorate