The Market Price Information System (MPIS) collects price data and information on turn-over quantities at the different stages of the main agri-food value chains (cereals, oilseeds, soybeans, pork, beef, sheep, poultry, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables, wine, tobacco) in compliance with the relevant EU regulations.

The price data collected include, but are not limited to, producer prices, sales prices obtained from food processors and producer organizations, purchase prices obtained from retailers and bakeries, wholesale market prices, and consumer prices.

According to the 127/2013. (XII. 18.) ministerial decree, the provision of data is obligatory for the most important stakeholders of the agri-food value chains. Price data collection covers 60-80 per cent of the turnover in case of most value chains.

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Weekly/monthly prices and quantities for the main agro-food products

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