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Regulation (EC) No 199/2008 of the European Council established the Data Collection Framework (DCF) for the collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector and for obtaining the scientific advice needed to implement the Common Fisheriesjavascript:; Policy (CFP). When Member States are implementing their operational programs established under Regulation (EU) No 508/2014 on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), they are obliged to collect data in the framework of the DCF. Accordingly, two calls for proposals have been made under the Hungarian Fisheries Operational Program (MAHOP) to support the collection, management and use of data related to fisheries management: Call 3.1.1 aims to provide a professional basis for the implementation of the DCF project, while Call 3.1.2 aims to implement the DCF project in Hungary.

In the frame of the MAHOP DCF1 project, the Institute preforms preparatory tasks for the collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector as well as for the preparation and obtainment of scientific advice necessary for the implementation of the CFP. It contributes to the collection, management, evaluation and dissemination of economic, technical, social and environmental data specific to the fisheries sector, and to make them public for end-users. The long-term goal of the work is to reach all data provides, to increase and make available scientific knowledge. Therefore, data collection and management systems (ASIR) and the Annual Work Plan required by DCF will be developed. The project covers data collection and analysis related to MAHOP indicators. Producer prices and consumer prices of major fish products are collected regularly, and foreign trade and processing data are analysed. In addition, a methodology will be developed to make forecasts of the expected development of gross domestic fish production for next year. Furthermore, a future survey on the impact of the cessation of fishing in natural waters on the aquaculture sector will be established here. The project also includes the establishment of the income-generating capacity assessment of fishpond production. In order to appropriately carry out the tasks of the DCF, to present and evaluate its results, and to represent Hungary, the Institute provides professional representation at international expert meetings. It further educates data collection experts and organizes expert meetings, events and conferences to extensively disseminate knowledge.

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Development of the collection and management of DCF data for the 2014-2018 period

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Institute of Agricultural Economics Nonprofit Kft. (AKI)

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19 August 2018