The agricultural cash-flow calculator estimates farm-level average profitability and cash flow from farm structure data (hectares of crops, average livestock numbers). The most important data used for the calculations are the production costs of different agricultural products from the Hungarian FADN. Hectare numbers of different crops have to be entered according to the crop codes used in area-based subsidy claims, livestock numbers have to be entered according to the age groups used in EU FADN.

The output values can be further specified with the information available for the given plant. If the loan applicant can properly justify certain components of his income (rents paid, yields, purchase prices, direct subsidy, etc.), the system will take these into account. This way the calculated cash flow values will be more accurate.

An additional function of the system is that the output values can be refined using a FADN based regression on the age of the applicant and the quality of the land.

The system can be primary used to audit the financial plans of small agricultural farms. Furthermore, the data of large companies with detailed accounting information can also be checked. Uncertain elements of the financial plan can be easily identified. Therefore, the risk of loans can be reduced.