In the 2021-2027 programming period of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), increasing emphasis will be placed on the role of farmers in improving environmental sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change. In the CAP priority will be given to a preliminary examination of climate change and environmental measures, as well as their effects on competitiveness and economic sustainability. Forty percent of the CAP budget should serve environmental and climate objectives, and at least 30 percent of European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EMVA) resources should be spent on these goals.

The basic condition for maintaining and improving farm competitiveness is efficient production and increased productivity, which must be adapted to environmental and climate regulation conditions. In the framework of this strategic research, AKI is examining the environmental challenges, and the potential for adaptation and mitigation in the areas affected by farming, taking into account the economic aspects.

The research topic includes the following themes related to the sustainable use of natural resources:

  • The preservation of biodiversity and related ecosystem services;
  • Adapting to climate change to achieve efficient and sustainable productivity;
  • Sustainable agricultural water management, water retention and irrigation development.

AKI is analysing and evaluating the effectiveness of agri-environment measures in space and time, taking into account environmental and climate variables, by empirical assessment of micro and macroeconomic efficiency and productivity. It is also developing guidelines for land use and/or technology change that is more adapted to environmental challenges.

The research consists of scientific projects, situation assessments, impact analyses, monitoring activities and making informed recommendations to support policy-making concerning the environment and climate change.


biodiversity, ecosystem services, efficient and sustainable productivity, adaptation to climate change, agricultural water management, water retention, irrigation development


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