The publications of NAIK AKI as defined in its annual work plan and the long-standing information systems serving many market and public actors are the following.


Studies in Agricultural Economics

Studies in Agricultural Economics is the most significant English language journal in agricultural economics and rural development in Hungary and is jointly published by the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Studies in Agricultural Economics publishes original research papers, review papers, policy analyses and book reviews on agricultural economics, rural development and related topics including: agricultural production and competitiveness, environmental resource management, agrifood supply chain management, markets and marketing, international trade, econometrics, rural economic geography, rural economy and sociology, and development of information and knowledge based society in rural areas.



“Gazdalkodas“ is a bimonthly journal that has been publishing scientific research on agricultural economics for over fifty years. It is recognised among agricultural economists and the scientific community as well as being a quoted media product. This is supported by decision of the Committee on Agricultural Economics of the Section of Agricultural Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to accept this periodical as a B category scientific research journal for the doctoral process.




Occasional scientific and professional publications


The publication of the detailed results of the multiannual research carried out by AKI on a case-by-case basis is based on the Agrarian Economic Books and Agricultural Economics Studies.





Periodical publications of information

Financial Newsletter


The Financial Newsletter published quarterly form 2008 provides a detailed overview of agricultural and rural development subsidies, their sectoral composition, total and supported/ preferential loans of agriculture as well as food industry, leasing of agriculture and sectoral bankruptcy rates. The publication of our institute can be useful information source for professionals interested in financing of the agricultural economy.

The financial situation of agriculture and food industry


Management of agricultural and food industry companies is presented in the publication based on the database of NAV corporate tax returns. Using financial indicators, the current income situation, the revenues and expenditures of the companies and their financial position are analysed compared to the previous year.






Evaluation of the functioning of the agri-risk management system


The publication presents the operation and results of the agricultural risk management system. Participation of producers, damages incurred in the given year and mitigation benefits or insurance payments are introduced by crops and locations both in case of Pillar I (Agricultural Compensation System) and the II. Pillar (Subsidized Insurance System).






Annual results of the Hungarian FADN farms


The Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) as a representative information system has been established by the European Commission (EC) for the analysis of the incomes and economic activities of agricultural farms. The Hungarian FADN (Hungarian abbreviation: MSzIH) fulfils not only the obligation towards the EC but it meets also the information needs of national users. The Hungarian FADN system consists accountancy data of individual and corporate farms based on business records in their book-keeping. The Hungarian FADN applies accrual-based accounting method regardless of the legal status (corporate or individual farm) - it means that also individual farms have a calculated balance sheet and profit and loss statement.



The cost and income situation of the major Hungarian agricultural products


This publication examines the cost and income situation of the major agricultural products based on data from the farms of the Hungarian FADN system. The processed data concerns the so-called ‘determinant producer farms’ that provide the dominant part of domestic production. In addition to the mean data the results of different farming groups are presented. The changes in the cost and income situation of arable crops, horticultural products (fruit and vegetables) and livestock products are analysed in separate chapters.





The market developments of the most important commodities


This publication discusses the market developments of the most important commodities in a given year, mainly by presenting price trends. The material is based on the price information and data of the Market Price Information System of the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and of various Hungarian and international sources.





Agricultural Market Reports


The Market Price Information System (MPIS) data are published in fortnightly monthly Market Information Reports are:

Livestock and Meat


Fruit, Vegetables, Wine

Crop, Industrial Plants

Milk and Dairy Products

Agricultural Market information


The primary aim of the monthly published Agricultural Information publication is to supply information for the small-scale agricultural producers for their farm management about the market situation of the main agricultural products and agricultural inputs. The publication offers price information, external trade, other agricultural statistics and analyses as well.





Hungarian Food and Agricultural Statistics


The publication provides information on the results from agriculture, forestry and the food industry. We assured the comparability of time series about the pocketbooks published in the recent years. Besides the national and branch indicators and data, the principal agricultural data are given in detail by NUTS 3 county. The international statistical data are appropriate for modelling the main trends. The published data are compiled based on the publications of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the FAO and the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics.




Reports of Agricultural Statistics


Statistical activities of AKI cover executing the National Data Collection Program (OSAP) and preparation and publication of the statistical reports on the following area:

OSAP1237: Expected value of investments and financial indicators in agriculture (Annual, the year following the calendar year, Enterprises classified in agriculture, fishery, forestry and timber industry with more than 19 employees)

OSAP1240: Balance of food products (Annual, the year following the calendar year, Enterprises classified in food processing beverages and tobacco production with more than 9 employees)

OSAP1249: Aquaculture (Annual, the year following the calendar year, all enterprises using fishing ponds or intensive fish producing plants)

OSAP1253: Crop progress report (Related to agricultural events, Designated organisations and individual farms operating in agriculture)

OSAP1269: Price report on agricultural inputs (Monthly, designated enterprises trading agricultural inputs)

OSAP1270: Sales of agricultural machinery (Quarterly, Enterprises trading agricultural machinery)

OSAP1271: Sales of pesticides (Annual, the year following the calendar year, Enterprises trading agricultural inputs)

OSAP1280: Livestock slaughter (Monthly, All licensed slaughterhouses)

OSAP1282: Sales of fertilizers (Quarterly, Enterprises producing fertilizers trading agricultural inputs)

OSAP2202: Production of ornamental plant (Annual, the year following the calendar year, Designated enterprises and farmers producing ornamental plants)

OSAP2203: Purchase of herbal plants (Annual, the year following the calendar year, Designated enterprises and farmers purchasing herbal and spice plants)

OSAP2335: Expected investments and financial indicators in food industry (Annual, the year following the calendar year, Enterprises classified in food processing beverages and tobacco production with more than 19 employees)

OSAP2336: Irrigation (Annual, The year following the calendar year, Agricultural enter prises and farmers with licence to irrigation)

OSAP2385: Capacities of food industry (Annual, the year following the calendar year, designated enterprises producing food, beverages or tobacco)

OSAP2386: Sales of seeds (Annual, The year following the calendar year, Enterprises trading seeds)

OSAP2387: Feed production (Annual, The year following the calendar year, Licensed feed producer companies)

OSAP2416: Agricultural insurances Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA) forecast: half-yearly. The EAA provide detailed information on income in the agricultural sector. All data refer to the agricultural activities carried out in Hungary. The EAA accounts are detailed data on value of outputs (producer prices and basic prices), intermediate consumption, subsidies and taxes, consumption of fixed capital, rent and interests, capital formation etc. The values are given in current as well as in constant prices. They cover the agricultural activities of units whose principal activity is not agricultural, but does not include non-agricultural activities of agricultural enterprises.