CASA survey on alignment of SCAR activities - for CWG and SWG members

CASA survey on alignment of SCAR activities

The survey on alignment of SCAR activities is conducted in the frame of the CASA project, Coordination and Support Action (CSA) co-funded by the H2020 programme under Grant Agreement n° 727486. The overall objective of CASA is a consolidated common agricultural and wider bioeconomy research agenda within the European Research Area. CASA will achieve this by bringing the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR), which has already contributed significantly to this objective in the past, to the next level of performance as a research policy think tank. CASA will efficiently strengthen the strengths and compensate for the insufficiencies of SCAR.

This CASA survey is directed to SCAR CWG and SWG members. The results will be grouped and presented in anonymous fashion. Filling in the survey will take about 15 minutes of your time. Thank you for your kind cooperation and contribution to the outcome of CASA which will also feed into your future work!

Please click the "Kérdőív kitöltése" (filling in the survey) button.

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