The overall objective of BIOThe overall objective of BIOEASTsUP project is to support the BIOEAST initiative and Action
Plan for transition of 11 Central and Eastern European (CEE) to bioeconomy.

The specific objectives are:
SO1: To trigger strategic thinking at governmental level and transnational peer-to-peer development of national circular
bioeconomy strategies in BIOEAST countries.
SО2: To emphasize the role of multi-actor approach in developing new value chains to advance bioeconomies.
SO3: To develop in a multi-stakeholder driven approach a consolidated BIOEAST Strategic Research and Innovation
Agenda (SRIA).
SO4: To set-up and maintain a macro-regional framework in support of the BIOEAST initiative and the SRIA development
and sustainability.
SO5: To facilitate evidence-based policy making.
SO6: To increase the visibility of the bioeconomy within the quintuple helix in the BIOEAST region.

BIOEASTsUP methodology was developed to support a parallel setup: the project structure and the structure of the
BIOEAST Initiative. Two work packages focus on the national impact (WP1, WP2), two are dedicated to the impact at the
macro-regional and EU level (WP3, WP4) and one vertical work package (WP5).

The work plan is as follows:
WP 1: Framework for National Bioeconomy Strategies Development
WP 2: Capacity building for BIOEAST stakeholders
WP 3: Establishing macro-regional structures in support of the BIOEAST initiative
WP 4: BIOEAST SRIA development and positioning the macro-regional economies
WP 5: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation
WP 6: Project Management and Evaluation
BIOEASTsUP has been initiated directly by the BIOEAST Initiative’s ministries. In total 26 ministries support the project. In
addition associations, industrial chambers, innovation centres, other research organisations and NGOs have committed to
the project. BIOEASTsUP will further engage all stakeholders in the bioeconomy value chain and coordinate all efforts to
maximize the impact.