EURAKNOS - RUR-15-2018-2019-2020


Project title: Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs: towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System

EURAKNOS will boost compiling of knowledge ready for practice by intensifying interaction between various agri-food or forestry networks thereby maximising outputs for practitioners. The focus of this proposal is on widening existing thematic network outputs in an interactive way, both content-wise and in terms of geographical coverage. Avoiding duplication with the existing networks, cross-fertilisation will be organised between them and among countries, regions and production systems. EURAKNOS will tackle the data management with a view to ensure sustainability of these knowledge networks and maximise their outputs for end-users. To this end, EURAKNOS will stimulate the exchange of existing approaches, methodologies and tools between the different thematic networks (and linked EIP operational groups and H2020 multi-actor projects where relevant) and search for a harmonised approach for setting up future thematic networks in order to maximise the impact on the practitioner, farmer and forester. This project will also explore the end users’ needs and possibilities of setting-up a European agricultural knowledge and innovation open source system that may connect all TNs.

The project participants:

  1. Ghent University (UGent)
  2. Eigen Vermogen van het Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (EV ILVO)
  3. Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt (PSKW)
  4. Institut de l'élevage (IDELE)
  5. Royal Agricultural University (RAU)
  6. Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)
  7. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC)
  8. Gruenlandzentrum Niedersachsen/Bremen e.V. (GLZ)
  9. Leap Forward Group
  10. AKI
  11. Innovation for Agriculture (IFA)
  12. International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems, Aarhus University (AU)
  13. Hungarian Chambre of Agriculture (NAK)
  14. Association de coordination technique agricole (ACTA)
  15. Agricultural Research Centre (ARC)
  16. Int. Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements – European Union Regional Group (IFOAM EU)

More in particular, EURAKNOS will pursue the following objectives:

1. To widen and connect existing multi-actor TNs as knowledge reservoirs within the agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) through knowledge exchange and cross sectorial linkages and cross-border visits (including Eastern and Western Europe exchanges);

2. To collect and evaluate (analyse and compare) the knowledge, materials and tools that have been produced by thematic networks, linked operational groups (OGs), focus groups and most relevant multi-actor H2020 projects (and benchmark their performance) based on qualitative and quantitative criteria in relation to impact on farmers, foresters, and advisors, also taking into account information and dissemination channels;

3. To develop a harmonised approach through technical guidelines on how to make a TN high impact knowledge reservoir (HIKR) and how to conduct future similar actions of TNs and other multi-actor H2020 framework projects in an efficient and effective way:

4. To explore the possibility and added value of creating an EU-wide dynamic open source agricultural knowledge innovation data base, an e-Knowledge Reservoir Platform (e-KRP), with readily applicable knowledge for the end-user (farmers, foresters, and advisors) in a local, regional, national and European context;

5. To facilitate and support TNs by securing the longevity of the project outcomes through linking to other TNs and similar initiatives at EU and national level, and feeding into national educational and training programmes oriented to multipliers of the multi-actor approach and knowledge disseminators or to the final end users: farmers, foresters and advisors.