Information on Data Protection

Dear Reader!

  1. When accessing the website of the Research Institute for Agricultural Economics, especially those parts of which are subject to user registration, personal data will be handled by the Institute.

  2. Part of the personal data is generated automatically when accessing the website (access and audit logs); on the other hand, when accessing the registration-related data content explicitly requires some personal data (name, contact details).

  3. During the development of the website, we have strived for managing the personal data only to the extent necessary to use the services of the website as well as to comply fully with the legal provisions in force.

  4. The controller of personal data generated during the visit of the website is the Agricultural Research Institute. The operation and programming of the website is done exclusively by the Institute's internal organizational units.

  5. The resulting personal data will not be given by the Agricultural Research Institute to a third party, and it will be for use solely for statistical purposes or to ensure access to the site functions.

  6. Personal data processed in connection with the visit of the website shall only be accessed by our own staff members to the extent necessary to complete their duties and the service provided, answering possible questions and comments.

  7. Data subject may apply for access, correction, cancellation, or limitation of the use of its personal data, and may protest against the handling of personal data. data usage

  8. Data subjects may file a complaint addressed to the supervisory authority.

Data Protection Officer:

Dr. Szabolcs VÁGÓ