Established in 1954, AKI is the most significant centre of agricultural economics research in Hungary. The Directorate of Information Systems manages European Union compliant information systems including the Farm Accountancy Data Network, Market Price Information System and Agricultural Statistics Information System. Its Directorate of Research carry out mainly database- and policy analysis-driven research on farming, the agrifood supply chain, environmental management and rural development.

AKI’s key research areas are:

  • sustainable bio-economy and policy evaluation;
  • natural resource management in agriculture;
  • resource-efficient agri-food value chains;
  • rural development and programme evaluation;
  • development opportunities in freshwater aquaculture.

Beyond its above detailed research and data management duties the Institute also develops innovative decision-making tools for agricultural stakeholders.

The Institute is supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture (FM) and has a staff of 128, of which 90 conduct research and information management while the rest are engaged in functional and administration activities.

Director: Pál GODA, PhD

Deputy Directors: Gergő Péter KOVACS and Máté KIS